Welcome to the Anti-Racist Book Club

Starting June 29th
7:30PM Central

Not everyone can march against police violence. Not everyone feels equipped to have a debate. Not everyone knows what the facts are or where they stand. Many Americans, especially White Americans, have never experienced the justice system at all, and have definitely never seen the impact that the justice system has on Black Americans.

You may see videos of police violence against people who do not look like you and wonder if they are isolated incidents or daily occurrences. You see crime statistics and don’t know how to interpret them. You see the police charged with murder and wonder why the protesters are not satisfied. You may feel like you are missing something, but you aren’t sure what. Asking someone can be intimidating, and often leads to even more confusion.

This book club is for those who would like to know more. It is for those who know a lot and would like to share knowledge and experience. And it is also for those who are unsure of where they stand or who have doubts about the current social and cultural climate in America.

When you don’t know where to start, start with a book.

Policing the Black Man

Policing the Black Man is a series of essays by criminal justice experts and legal scholars about our criminal justice system and its relationship to the Black community.

This book is approachable. It is not designed to intimidate or shame readers into action. It outlines the specifics of policies, studies, and statistics surrounding differences in the criminal justice system’s treatment of Black men.

To join this book club, please rent, purchase, borrow, or check out this book in some form. If you need assistance, please let us know!

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