Art For Volunteerism

I am painting a series of 10 paintings to represent non-profit organizations in the St. Louis Metro Area.

I will be having a show where patrons can view the artwork, learn about the organizations, and see what volunteer opportunities are available with these great organizations.

Each painting will be sold for volunteer hours at the corresponding organization. Each painting will have a specific volunteer role assigned to it, and whoever signs up for that role and completes it will receive the painting.


In addition to supporting local non-profit organizations, I have locally sourced all of my materials for this show. The paintings are made on wood panels from Fehlig Brothers Box and Lumber Company, operating in St. Louis since 1873. I am using pigments from Huntsman Pigment Company that were made in St. Louis. I am also making pigments from copper from Shapiro Metal Supply, which has been in business in St. Louis since 1904, as well as making pigments from plants that I grow at the 13th Street Community Garden in Old North. My paints are made with Linseed, Walnut, and Safflower oils from Missouri and Illinois, and beeswax from Joy Stinger, who is over 90 years old and keeps bees in Clayton, MO.

This show is all about my love for the city of St. Louis, learning about some of the greatest non-profit organizations in the area, and promoting a culture of volunteerism through art!