Christian Creatives
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Who We Are

We are artists, poets, singers, song writers, and other creatives of the Christian faith. Even if the things that we create has nothing to do with Christianity, we are people of faith who have an innate desire to produce cultural experiences. We are people who create culture and follow Christ.

What Is Allowed

We are not affiliated with any denomination, and are open to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and His teachings. As Christians who observe and comment on the world around us, no topics are off limits. As long as work does not promote disbelief in Christ, the work in this group will not be censored. Artists express topics which are controversial, and this is a safe place for people of faith to explore the fullness of the human experience.

What We Do

We are creating a space where we can open up about our faith and/or our creative practices. We can share works in progress for critique, or finished work. We can share work from others which inspires us, or challenges us. Or we can simply hang out with other creatives of faith.

What Is Not Allowed

Christian Creatives are often surrounded by other creatives who do not affirm their faith, or by other Christians who do not affirm their art. This is a space to love and support one another, and non-affirming language is not acceptable. No discrimination based on race, religious views, gender, sexuality, political views, etc. will be tolerated. Critiques and opinions about work are welcome as long as they are requested. Ask before you critique.

Zoom Meeting Info:

Sundays, 7:00PM Central
Zoom Meeting ID: 883-0487-0084
Zoom Link:

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Doug Weaver at

Let’s make something together.