Still Life with Nests.

Living in a different country makes you notice how even little things are different. Nature is completely unique to the area where you live. In North America the birds build nests, but not like in Rwanda. I remember when I was in grade school I did a report on a bird called a Weaver Bird. I chose them as a child because they have the same name as me. When we first walked to our post office there was a tree full of them! It was a remarkable surprise. They build the most amazing and intricate basket-like nests.

Male Weaver Bird
Male Weaver Bird

Male weaver birds build the nests for the females. When they finish the nest a female will come and inspect it. If they like the nest then they mate with the male and lay eggs inside. If they do not approve of the nest then they will detach the nest from the tree and the male must start over. I collected two of the rejected nests and took them home to make this still life.

Still Life with Nests
Still Life with Nests

The black and white basket in the background is one of the bowls that are woven by Rwandan artisans. Rwandans are incredible basket weavers and baskets are common gifts for weddings and for special visitors. I think that the birds may have learned a thing or two from watching Rwandans weave their baskets.

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