Peace Corps Rwanda Series

I have been in the Peace Corps since September 2013. Peace Corps is a 27 month commitment, but my host country is unique in that my teaching contract ends in November, which is only 26 months of service. I am painting one image for every month of service and one to represent my return to my home in St. Louis. When I am finished, I will have 27 paintings. They are each 9″ x 11″. They are egg tempera and oil on board.

Intore praises the accomplishments of his cow.
Umusiki w'imbwa(Dog music).
Umusiki w’imbwa(Dog music)
Ibis and a Fire Finch.
Ibis and a Fire Finch
Neutering in the Field.
Neutering in the Field
Irangije(It is finished)
Learning Kinyarwanda
Learning Kinyarwanda.
Lake Kivu.
Lake Kivu.
Waiting for Fares.
Waiting for Fares.
Velvet Monkey.
Velvet Monkey.
The Lioness.
The Lioness.
Iri he?
Iri he he?(Where is it?)
Host Siblings.
Host Siblings.
Bitorwa Patrick
Bitorwa Patrick
Tima and Voca
Tima and Voca
Doug Weaver Still Life
Still Life with Nests.
Tin Roof
Tin Roof

Peace Corps Rwanda was displayed at the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group Gallery during the month of March, 2016.




Since the paintings used egg tempera, I had a workshop where we painted Easter eggs with egg tempera.



During the show I sold 14 out of the 27 paintings, and all proceeds will go to fund a Peace Corps project in Rwanda.


5 thoughts on “Peace Corps Rwanda Series

  1. this is great. i’m in PC perú. haven’t been keeping up with painting… disappointed in myself. thanks for the reminder and inspiration.


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